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Global Geobotany

Global Geobotany

International Journal of Geobotanical Science
Global Geobotany is a journal published by the Sociedad Española de Geobotánica (SEG). Visit the organisation site here
Published by: EditAEFA
Print ISSN: 2253-6426
Online ISSN: 2253-6523
Subjects: Bioclimatology, Biogeography, Phytosociology
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Aims & Scope:

Global Geobotany is a scientific journal published by the Sociedad Española de Geobotánica (SEG) that has been conceived taking into account recent developments in geobotany research, such as Bioclimatology, Biogeography, Phvtosociology and others. Global Geobotany succeeded "Itinera Geobotanica", the historical journal of the Spanish Phytosociological Association (AEFA), published from the year 1987.

It publishes monographs on Biogeography, Bioclimatology and Phytosociology covering vast territories. Its spread is guaranteed by the Spanish Phytosociology Association.

The drafting committee has been established to ensure that all lines of geobotanical research are represented.

Highly qualified international referees ensure the highest scientific level of published volumes.