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Conservation status and protection measures for the Spanish endemic plant Sideritis borgiae Andrés

Autores:Raquel Alonso Redondo, Estrella Alfaro Saiz, Elena de Paz Canuria, Marta Eva García González
Fecha de envío: 2012-05-23 09:02:45

DOI: 10.5616/ijgr120001

Palabras clave: conservation, IUCN, RAMAS Red List, Sideritis borgiae, Spain.
Número: 2. Issue: 1. Páginas: 1-12.


Sideritis borgiae is an endemic plant restricted to a small area in the Castilla y León Region of Spain, included in the regional protection catalogue. This paper provides a complete study of the currently known populations, with the aim of assigning the conservation status of the taxon in accordance with IUCN criteria using RAMAS Red List 3.0 software, as well as detecting risk factors and providing appropriate management measures to guarantee survival of the taxon. In addition, the taxonomic status is discussed and we provide chorological, biological and ecological data of interest.

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