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A new contribution to the syntaxonomy of the sclerophyllous forests and pre-forests of Central Chile: the Lithraeion causticae alliance.

Autores:Francisco Javier Amigo Vázquez, Lorena Flores Toro
Fecha de envío: 2013-11-24 11:29:33

DOI: 10.5616/ijgr 130004

Palabras clave: Mediterranean forest, Lithraeo-Cryptocaryetea, phytosociology, vegetation and bioclimate,
Número: 3. Issue: 1. Páginas: 47-67.


This paper aims at updating the syntaxonomy of the Mediterranean vegetation in Central Chile. We have studied the serial woodlands and micro-woodlands which in other earlier work were proposed as belonging to the alliance Lithraeion causticae. Associations published more than half a century ago have now been redefined and lectotypified, in some cases with the provision of new relevés. Recent relevés suggest the existence of new associations. The floristic composition and the bioclimatical and biogeographical profile of these new associations have been examined. A new alliance, Kageneckio angustifoliae–Quillajion saponariae, is proposed as a vicariant of Lithraeion causticae at more xeric and higher altitudinal levels. The Mediterranean cypress forests within the domain of sclerophyllous woodlands are also dealt with. Little information is available on the sociological behaviour of these forests. There seem to be two different associations: one supramediterranean and another predominantly mesomediterranean.

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