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Description of some new syntaxa from the Azores archipelago

Autores:José Antonio Fernández Prieto, Carlos Aguiar , Eduardo Dias
Fecha de envío: 2012-12-13 04:01:48

DOI: 10.5616/ijgr120007

Palabras clave: New sintaxa, Phytosociology, Azores
Número: 2. Issue: 1. Páginas: 111-116.


A new clase Tolpido azoricae-Holcetea rigidi (non grazed perennial plant communities of rocky and earthy scarps, slope deposits and natural forest fringes )### two new orders Tolpido azoricae-Holcetalia rigidi and Frangulo azoricae-Lauretalia azoricae (ever¬green broad-leaved micro-mesoforest)### four new alliances Thelipterido pozoi-Woodwardion redicantis (comophytic plant communi¬ties ), Ornithopo pinnati-gaudion coarctatae (pionner oligotrophic therophitic plant communities), Tolpido suculentae-Agrostion congestiflorae (perennial graminoid communities of cliffs and landslide scarps) and Pericallion malvifoliae (perennial herbs commu-nities of semi-shaded of woodlands), and 14 news associations are described and typified for the Azores archipelago in this paper. Five associations and two alliances are lectotyfied or proposed for the name correction respectively.

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